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What is power?

Power = Force x Velocity

- the body's ability to generate a great amount of force in short period of time.

Training for power:

1) Goals:

  • increase rate of force production

  • enhance prime mover strength and neuromuscular efficiency

2) Strategies:

  • high loads (force development)

    • 85%-100% intensity​

  • low loads (speed of movement)

    • 30%-45% intensity OR 10% of bodyweight when utilizing medicine balls​

  • 3-5 sets of ​1-5 repetitions of a high load exercise, immediately followed by 8-10 repetitions of a low load exercise  (example:  barbell back squat ---> squat jump)

  • 1 superset per target muscle group

  • rest intervals of approximately 3-5 minutes per set

  • all power exercises and sequences should be performed at a fast and explosive tempo

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